The Rest of the Story...

Hi, Gael here again.

Hmmm, Where to start? Well, first, let me tell you about how Ruth is doing. Ruth is a sweetheart. Her smile is warm and available to all who stop for a chat. Her Dementia is stable, or at least for the moment.

I support a lot of people here on the 3rd floor, where our residents who require a lot of attention live. It’s not easy to work here somedays. The toll it takes is both physical and emotional -that’s both for people like Ruth and Health Care Aides like me.

Ruth has good days and not such good days when it comes to her memory. The good days, she is “as sharp as a tack” as she would say. Other days you can see the frustration on her face as she struggles to remember names and asks repeatedly where she is and when she can go home. Particularly difficult times are the days she asks when Herb, her late husband, is coming to pick her up.

We at Shepherd’s Care do so much to help enrich the lives of residents. Residents are encouraged to fill their rooms with memory ticklers. Ruth has a wall of family photos and to help with finding her way, the entrance to her room has a display case with memorabilia. Ruth has her original marriage certificate for Herb and herself and some other small items that help her know that this is ‘her home’.

As she progresses through this unrelenting disease, her family will be there for her… and so will we. Please say a prayer for Ruth when you get a chance. She’d appreciate it for sure.

The Shower Chair – Some of you might ask “What’s so important about a shower chair?” A lot actually. Taking a bath in a bathtub for frail seniors can be very difficult for both the person being bathed and the Health Care Aide who does the transfer from the wheelchair to sling, into the tub and then all this again reversing the whole process. There’s a lot of jostling, lifting, slipping, and straining.

The shower chair, as you can see from the video maintains a dignified positioning, lays back for easy hair washing similar to a salon, it's super comfortable, is so much safer for the residents. No more slipping or tripping. And speaking personally, the shower chairs save me and my co-workers from strained backs and sore muscles. Truly, our residents love these chairs and so do the staff.

Will you help us to buy more of these amazing chairs and to retire the old past-their-prime chairs? Just click on the donate button.

Please accept our thanks for your support, this coming from Ruth, me, our residents, and Health Care Aides. Thank you and God bless you!

Old Chair

New Chair